Plasma Etch and Deposition Industry

Through technological innovations and a commitment to providing excellence to customers, CORIAL has grown as a leader in the plasma etch and deposition industry. From Grenoble, Thierry Lazerand, the Director of Business Unit at CORIAL, recorded a video message to discuss CORIAL's unique abilities and offerings:

"Hi. This is Thierry Lazerand. I'm Director of Business Unit at CORIAL here in Grenoble in France. CORIAL has been recognized as a leader in plasma etch and deposition for many years, especially with universities, R&D centers, and smaller run production. I'd like to take this short communication opportunity to shed some light on what is unique to our offerings. 

Starting with etch, we not only strive in compound semiconductor application, but we also developed the specific know-how in hard material deep etch. Some examples are diamond, sapphire, and silicon carbide, to name a few. This allows us not only to help device makers but also to participate in the high-end watch industry. We use these techniques to shape decorative pieces. We also offer a comprehensive suite of delayering solutions to failure analysis laboratory. While not only is etch process quality critical, but the resulting time saving and preventing any electrical damage to the device during the delayering process are also critical. 

In the deposition arena, our unique PlasmaBox concept provides superior film quality while allowing the avoidance of delamination next to ultra-small reactor chambers, leading to far less mechanical cleans compared to the conventional CORIAL PECVD reactors. Next is the ICP-CVD platform which can be configured to address the increasing demand for low-temperature material deposition, but we can also with very minimal hardware adjustments allow the ICP etch process in the same process chamber. 

Finally, our entire product line is particularly suited to a researcher's environment thanks to a shuttle concept that uses an external handler which is transferred with the wafer of the pieces into the process chamber, avoiding having to open and retool the equipment when wafer size, occupants of various dimensions, are run back to back.

Visit us on our website. Come visit us in France in the French Alps. It'd be a pleasure to host you. Hopefully, COVID-19 is behind us soon, so we'd be happy to host a summer live demo eventually, and hopefully, we count on you as current or future customers. Thank you."

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