Corial Takachi ICP_2023



The Takachi provides etching capabilities over a variety of materials and substrates. The small footprint, low cost, ease of use and superior performance make the Takachi Series ideal for a wide range of uniform, high quality ICP etch applications serving R&D, FA, prototyping, pilot line and low volume production. The Takachi Series is ideal for numerous technologies such as Failure/Yield Analysis, Photonics, Solid State Lighting, MEMs, and Wireless ICP etch processing.

The Takachi Series provides technology for etch using a high density ICP source with a RF biased lower electrode:


  • Takachi ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma)


The Takachi system utilizes a load lock with manual loading incorporating Plasma-Therm’s highly regarded Shuttlelock® system in a compact, robust and easily maintained form factor. 

Productivity Enhancements

  • Process Library: Uses well-established reactor technology that provides reliable performance and is supported with guidance from a continuously evolving process library.
  • Endpoint: Both laser and optical emission spectroscopy endpoint technologies are available to augment processing capability.
  • Data Logging: Simplified data collection for sharing of process monitoring and recipe information.

Turning Point for Humanity with Takachi™ ICP

Utilizing our Takachi ICP tool, Elon Musk's company, Neuralink is able to create devices that can be implanted into human brains to help enable them to communicate. 

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