The End Product: How CORIAL Solves Problems

Taking an idea or a concept from a customer and turning it into an end product is what we do every day. 

At CORIAL, we offer advanced process equipment focused on etch and deposition applications. Our customer base is advanced research institutions and universities focused on semiconductor and other related high-technology markets. 

Technically, CORIAL makes chemical reactors that help turn wafers into computer chips, and it's through chemical reactions on the surface. The simplest way to explain it is that we are micro-machining features into the wafer to help them become computer chips. 

CORIAL has a wide range of products and the application needs that determine what piece of technology or particular reactor we apply to it. 

Even though we make reactors that help make chips, the chips are what make a big impact on human existence. The amount of data that’s being transferred between people and the amount of information, all of this is enabled by the chips CORIAL fabricates. 

We want to be partners because that helps our technology, as well as help the customer’s technology, be better. When the customer does have an idea, we are able to work with them and develop that idea into reality. 

It’s a very personal service, and we are all about being flexible to the point that we are trying to help them. So, if they already have a service contract already in place, they don’t have to go through their Purchasing Order (PO) process or even our own PO process. That means fewer delays and a way to get onsite faster. 

I can’t express enough of the excitement our entire team has to be working on cutting-edge technology and developing devices that affect people throughout their day. 

What to Expect with CORIAL