The CORIAL Difference

CORIAL is a high technology company that manufactures equipment used to make semiconductor chips. 

The company got started back in 1983, and we’ve had constant innovation over the years. We have the most state-of-the-art process solutions around atomic layer etch and deposition as well as other etch and deposition solutions. 

At CORIAL, we put the customer first. Finding the best solution is what we do, and that, I think, separates CORIAL from the competition. 

When the customer has a specific problem, we engage early to understand what they need, what the material is, what the application is, and ultimately what the end goal has to be. 

We’re small enough that we are flexible and willing to listen to whatever problem the customers have to bring solutions and at the same time large enough to bring technology to bear from a large toolbox that actually provides a path to manufacturing.

We want the customer to be delighted from when they first get it through the end of life. 

Within the company, we have multiple cultures anyways so we are able to be able to adapt to the multiple cultures we work with internationally. That first team out in the field will offer the same services throughout everywhere in the world.  

The fun part about working with this is we get to deal with leading-edge technologies. We get to see the next big thing years ahead of when it ends up hitting the market. 

What to Expect with CORIAL