Looking Back At Achievements in the Last (Crazy) Year

After becoming a subsidiary of Plasma-Therm in 2018, CORIAL continues to grow as the innovation leader in plasma etch and deposition solutions for specialty semiconductor markets. Even with recent challenges due to COVID-19, CORIAL has continued to make advancements as a company. Thierry Lazerand, the Director of Business Unit for CORIAL in Grenoble, recently discussed CORIAL 's achievements over the last few years:

Hello and welcome to the hub of the French Silicon Valley, Grenoble, in the French Alps. CORIAL has been known especially in Europe and Asia as a leader in plasma etch and deposition solutions for many years. After a great success such as the patterned sapphire substrate etch, or PSS, CORIAL evolved as a prime equipment supplier for R&D centers and universities. Joining the Plasma-Therm family by mid-2018 proved to be a unique growth opportunity for us. The team was able to focus on solving customer problems and propose dedicated solutions while Plasma-Therm’s online sales and service network has been able to promote our products. 

Despite the COVID-19 challenges, CORIAL has come out stronger and bigger. We did some personal systems compared to 2018, and we have an exciting future I'd like to briefly highlight here. Since January 2021, CORIAL became the Plasma-Therm headquarter for EMEA and our mission expanded from designing and selling the entire set of standard on plasma etch, deposition, and surface preparation solutions for universities and R&D centers to also being the main office for EMEA sales and service, helping all our regional customers in same time zone for all product, R&D centers, university, and also providing volume production support.

To conclude, I'd like to thank every engineer for choosing us, and decision-makers who allowed us to become who we are, and welcome anyone who wants to interact with our team to email, call, or better visit us whenever possible. So, please stay safe and respect social distancing at the present time so we can meet in person very soon. Thank you, bye.

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