How CORIAL Helped FATRI Increase Production Yield and Capacity

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FATRI case study

The Client

FATRI United Testing & Control Technologies Co., LTD, is a leading service provider of chip design and advanced material synthesis for IoT, sensors, and AI. With four branches across China, FATRI provides chips, sensors, computing modules, calibration systems, and advanced materials to companies across the globe.

Like most global companies, FATRI leverages its mission values (to develop and manufacture best-in-class materials to improve human health, the environment, and safety) to drive its production and R&D-heavy culture.

The Challenge

"Our initial problem was the lack of the production capacity to the new products and orders and poor repeatability — which impacted production yield." —Ms LINLIN ZHENG

With such a large variant of deliverables in a market that's hungry for advanced technology, FATRI needs to rapidly produce parts and materials in a repeatable environment. Unfortunately, some of their advanced material lines couldn't meet market demands. There was a lack of production capacity and poor repeatability, which was impacting their capacity to serve their clients.

Core problems:

  • Need for increased production capacity
  • Need for increased repeatability
  • Looking for cost-savings capabilities
  • Need for smarter, faster, and more accurate post-R&D production.

Solution and Scope of Project

"CORIAL's equipment helped us improve our depositing and etch rate and breed better repeatability, which helps us meet increased order demands." —Ms LINLIN ZHENG

CORIAL assisted FATRI in the equipment selection process by acting as a consultant and concierge of emerging technologies. "CORIAL gave us some details on etching repeatability, etching resolution, etching rate, and etch materials that were best for the new products," noted Ms LINLIN ZHENG.

Afterward, CORIAL helped commission the a Series 200 etch and deposition system that fit FATRI’s needs. Our best-in-class technical engineers assisted FATRI during every step of the selection and commissioning process — including discussing current technologies, scoping out project needs, and aligning equipment with production cycle requirements. "The technical engineer is very professional and experienced, and they provided some suggestions to the processing development and production processes."

Finally, CORIAL provided the appropriate equipment to help them increase their production capabilities, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness.

The Results

"CORIAL provided effective communication and service support, providing us more advanced technologies to improve our production and save manufacturing costs." —Ms LINLIN ZHENG

CORIAL's technical engineers identified and delivered a specialized Series 200 etch and deposition system to fit FATRI's unique project needs. FATRI now has 4 times the production capacity and 3 times the production yield to help them meet client demands and stay hyper-competitive in the global market. 

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