INSA Rennes selects CORIAL for a 200 mm PECVD tool

On December 2017, CORIAL won a public tender from INSA Rennes for a 200 mm PECVD system. After a successful Internal Acceptance Test in our factory with the customer, the system is now ready for shipment.

INSA Rennes selects CORIAL for a 200 mm PECVD tool

About INSA Rennes

Created in 1966, INSA Rennes is a member of the INSA Group, the French National Institute for Applied Sciences. With six laboratories of international renown, three technological platforms and numerous industrial partners, INSA Rennes is recognized for its excellence in Nanotechnologies.

The tool will be installed in the FOTON (Fonctions Optiques pour les Technologies de l’informatiON) lab where the INSA team conducts research in the area of growth, study, and use of the optical and optoelectronic properties of structures with wells and quantum boxes to develop components (lasers, microcavities, saturable absorbers, optical amplifiers, etc).

FOTON is part of Nanorennes, a regional micro-technological platform created in 2001. This platform already acquired 2 CORIAL systems in the past:

  • Corial 200IL, 200 mm ICP-RIE tool
  • Corial 210D, 200 mm ICP-CVD tool


INSA Rennes selected the Corial D250 for PECVD deposition of thin dielectric films (mainly SiO2, Si3N4 and aSi-H) on wafer fragments, up to 200 mm full wafers.

Process Performances

We have successfully outperformed all the specifications included in the Internal Acceptance Test.
More specifically deposition rates and uniformity results have been above customer’s expectations.

Stress-less PECVD of SiO2 film

  • Stress -35 MPa
  • WIW uniformity ± 1.06%

PECVD of Si film at 200°C

  • Deposition rate 63 nm/min
  • Refractive index 4.0
  • WIW uniformity ± 1.29%

PECVD of Si3N4 film on InP at 280°C

  • Deposition rate 58 nm/min
  • Refractive index 1.95
  • WIW uniformity ± 2.28%

We have also demonstrated a process reproducibility < -1%.