Employee Spotlight: Andrei Uvarov

Andrei Uvarov - CORIAL

Andrei Uvarov

At CORIAL, we pride ourselves on hiring the best people so that we can do the best work for our clients. It's important to us that we highlight those that go above and beyond in their roles so that you can get to know them too! Every month we'll be featuring a new employee who has exhibited our core values and contributed to the success of our clients.

This month we are excited to introduce... 

Dr. Andrei Uvarov 

Process Engineering Manager 

Andrei Uvarov has been making contributions to CORIAL projects for six years now. His key role at CORIAL is in lead application engineering and his team consists of seven process engineers — six of which possess a Ph.D. degree. He also contributes to sales support, tech support, and hardware development projects which make a large portion of his daily workload. Uvarov has always been curious about the application of plasma for various technologies, saying "I worked on RIE and CVD projects in the academic world. After completion of several research projects, including my Ph.D. on the CVD of PTFE films, I decided to turn towards the industry." 

He adds that his "principal desire was to contribute to the creation of sought-after systems that perfectly fulfill customer needs. I got a chance to join CORIAL in 2015, and since then I have worked on the process and hardware projects in the nice region of the French Alpes." 

When asked how he would describe what he gets paid to do without saying his job title, Uvarov responded, "I am paid to support CORIAL/Plasma-Therm business by providing an organized framework for implementation of customer demonstrations and Initial Acceptance Tests, and maintaining continuity of process engineering know-how within the CORIAL team. I provide sales support in terms of process engineering. I match tool configurations to customer requests and provide customer support in terms of process. I also manage the team of process engineers and contribute to the tool development projects from defining the functional specifications down to qualification of complex hardware solutions." 

As for his favorite part of the job, Uvarov says that's simple, "My favorite part of my job is to develop improved or new hardware and process solutions. I feel most rewarded to know that our solutions solve customer problems in a robust and elegant way." 

"Given that I am strongly involved in sales support and technical support," he continues. "I use my skills on a daily basis. Aside from technical ones, my skills also include direct customer interaction and conflict resolution." 

However, when he's not at work, he's mostly spending time with his family. It's his motivation to "study new things and see the refined solutions at the end of the day" that keeps him coming into work every day. When asked if there were one thing he could not live without, Uvarov answered, "I am an adaptable person. But trust and respect are among the things that I consider to be essential."  

When it comes to meeting only one person — living or dead — Uvarov recounts reading the memoirs of the heads of the Russian space programs and says, "I would like to meet those people. I would be curious to know what made them capable to handle complex projects. To feel their motivation, passion, and commitment." 

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