Corial 500 SERIES – Large capacity batch systems for 24/7 production environment

Very large area process solutions with convenient loading and small footprint

With its 560x560 mm reactor, the Corial 500 Series supports large batch loading capacity (104 X 2”, 25 X 4”, 9 X 6”, 4 X 8” wafers, or large format substrates) to drive down production costs without compromising process performance.

The Corial 500 Series is ideal for volume production film processing for the optoelectronics, MEMS, and power semiconductor markets.

Corial 500 SERIES – Systems for full production

Corial D500 high throughput PECVD system

Corial D500

The Corial D500 PECVD system is designed to produce high-quality, uniform films for a wide range of materials, including SiO2, Si3N4, SiOCH, SiOF, SiC and aSi-H films. The default PECVD chamber configuration enables film deposition from 120°C up to 325°C. An optional low-temperature chamber is available for high-quality, low-damage film deposition at temperatures as low as 20°C.